Saturday, August 02, 2008

Off the Peg - Revisted

I feel as though I have been left behind in the frenzy which has made its way to Hikkaduwa. Well in the least its given me time to revisit some of my old work and relive its old vision. This was a series I began through a workshop at the Goethe Institut Colombo about a couple of years back. A dear friend has been reminding me to restart this work... which I hope one day will find it's place in a book of sorts.
The images try to tell the story of a place (country) with the clothesline ever present; Off the Peg. I know I could put that better... (this is why I am not a writer).
The 3 images were taken at different times (from top to bottom) 1. A communal hanging centre (?I just invented that name) on the Kandy-Peradiniya Rd, 2. The Christmas Star; Ragama 3. The Race Course; Nuwera Eliya.

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